Our vision

Our vision of the future

Coldenhove is a financially healthy company, founded in 1661. Our long term existence proves our ability to adapt to changes.

Everyone can see the world is changing. Many people are convinced paper will disappear,  now the digital world has emerged. However, digitalisation offers opportunities for Coldenhove, because of our excellent technical knowledge of paper and our ability to create unique solutions for the digital world. Our future is being build according to the following three strategic pillars:

      • reliability and predictability;
      • focus on products we know best with customers who value our dedications to technical excellence;
      • successful innovations as a deliverable of a clockwork innovation process.


This focus and our long-term history will accelerate our growth in the period 2016-2020. Besides the world leadership in the digital textile print market, we will grow our portfolio of solutions in all sorts of papers such as:

      • medical sterilisation papers;
      • a patented blister paper as an alternative for aluminium foil;
      • papers with peel, barrier or seal characteristics.

Paper is a bio based product with a high recycling rate. In the years to come we preferably will develop bio based coatings to replace the oil based solutions.


Why customers buy from Coldenhove


Everyone in our organisation ultimately works for our end users. We provide them with an essential ingredient that will help them improve their own process.

Every year our customers are invited to share their experiences by filling in a customer satisfaction survey. The outcomes of this customers satisfaction survey show that our customers are very satisfied. Our NPS (Net Promoter Score) is 42,1% , and our CVS (Customer Value Score) based on satisfaction, loyalty and recommendation is still growing and is now 40% . Significantly high scores for our industry.

Our quality is consistent and we quickly deal with any sort of complaints because we take full responsibility for our products and services. Due to our Lean Six Sigma projects we have been able to significantly reduce the percentage of complaints.

We are specialists using our own formulas in a data supported production and control process.

All the above is possible due to our dedicated and experienced staff and our continuous drive in learning new things each and every day.