Sustainability is in our DNA

It’s quite a contrast: Neenah Coldenhove is a manufacturing company in the middle of a wooded area. Add to that the fact that Neenah Coldenhove works with natural products on a regular basis. Here a respectful interaction takes place. Because the very foundation of our company is based on nature, sustainability has been ingrained in our DNA for decades. Our motto: nature is good to us, so Neenah Coldenhove will be good to nature. For example, as co-owner of water purification company Industriewater in Eerbeek, we support all investments and developments to extract raw materials from our waste water.

A good neighbour

Our motto is reflected further in our pursuit to be a good neighbour and to make a positive contribution to the environment; what can be done green, we do green. On and around our own site Neenah Coldenhove maintains 35 hectares of forest. In addition, we cooperate with our neighbours – Landal Coldenhove, Stork Veco, the local swimming pool and residencies on and around the property – to produce active compounds for the generation and sharing of energy and heat. Finally, it’s important to us that our neighbours suffer no or minimal disruption due to our production process.

Reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions

Caring for nature is also reflected in our targets: to reduce our ecological footprint where possible. With this in mind, we will participate in the government objective to meet the 20% rule. This means that at least 20% of our energy will come from renewable sources by 2020, that CO2 emissions will be reduced by at least 20% and that 20% less energy per produced tonne will be consumed. To continue production at the current location in the long-term, Neenah Coldenhove also contributes to the sustainability ambitions of the Province and Municipality.

The bar for sustainability is being set higher. Therefore, Neenah Coldenhove remains proactive in achieving efficiency improvements. Through the Lean Six Sigma methodology (used at Neenah Coldenhove since 2010), we are consistent in our reduction of energy and raw materials consumption per tonne.


Last but certainly not least, Neenah Coldenhove wants to be a safe paper company. We want our employees to not only enjoy their work, but also to return home healthy. In 2018 Neenah Coldenhove will be among the top three of the safest paper mills in the Netherlands.