Harnessing energy from the sun

 In 2014 Coldenhove decided to go for greener power solutions as a primary interpretation of our CSR goals. We opted for a controlled system of 100 solar panels with a combined installation capacity of 20.4 KWh.

In the last four years the panels have produced more than 70 MWh, energy which has been used successfully throughout our production lines.

Not stopping there, we decided to further utilise this energy and bring in a fleet of electric vehicles with dedicated power supplies. Our Coldenhove management and representatives now have 11 mostly hybrid cars at their disposal. And the individual charging facilities can also be used by our visitors.

Next to our programs for energy efficiency, heat recovery and water recovery, this smart e-mobility solution helps us to reduce our impact on the environment and society.

The market forecast for 2019 shows a huge increase in the supply of fully electric cars and the next generation in car batteries. As soon as possible, Coldenhove will exchange all current (hybrid) cars for fully electric cars.

Our exact direction with solar energy has not yet been determined. Currently, we have solar panels covering only part of the factory roof but sufficient unused space on our grounds is available for our further solar energy use. By the end of 2018 Coldenhove will decide which next steps we will take to expand on the green energy we already have in play.