TexOps History and Background

Textiles Opico SA de cv called “TexOps” is an El Salvador- based active and sports apparel manufacturing company formed in 2009. On a global scale, TexOps is considered one of the finest, most complete and certainly most modern knitted apparel factories.

Our company is built around the principles of sustainability and the first order of business is to provide livelihoods for our 800 strong employee workface. This is why we continuously invest in the best equipment, processes and raw materials, giving our company the edge to not only survive, but thrive in these turbulent economic times.

As a result, team TexOps is committed to doing its absolute best not only in compliance, but actually in changing social and environment responsibility. Our initiatives and goals aim well beyond the triple-bottom –line. It’s an ongoing process we pay close attention, one that makes our stakeholders proud. The things we have accomplished so far bring us a great deal of satisfaction and truth be told, only mark the beginning of our journey.

Customer case TexOps

As we mentioned before, our customer around the world handle the best quality on Yoga pants and cycling on digital printed design, our process consist to print designs on paper and we transfer ink to fabric by a sublimation process. Based on our process design, paper is really important due to a defect on it, can results in color variation, ink migration or stain on sublimation process. 

We were really interested to look into the best supplier around the world, our choice depends on a wide range of factors such as quality, reliability and service. The importance of these different factors help us to develop our strategies. We decided Coldenhove as the best option. Alle these years they have made a great job giving us support on developing different improvements in paper rolls. We work with them because they supply the best paper for dye sublimation. They offer products or services that match - or exceed - the needs of our business.

Products used in this case

Xtreme® is designed for the higher glycol…

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The sportswear industry demands optimal colours and…

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