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Bioracer is a well-known brand in the world of cycling apparel. Around 30 years ago the Belgian brand got its start by printing on textiles with sublimation using the silkscreen printing method, and began experimenting with digital printing in 2000. In 2010/2011, Bioracer switched completely to printing textiles via digital printing on paper and sublimation on textiles.

Since the introduction of digital printing, Bioracer has worked with paper from Coldenhove. In fact, Bioracer has never felt the need to choose a different type of paper. High quality and consistent service play major roles in this decision, according to Bioracer CEO Danny Segers.

Bioracer has since grown, and the company is now the worldwide market leader in the field of customised sportswear. Every year, this Belgian producer of cycling apparel processes around 8000 new designs.

The main reason Bioracer has made the switch to digital printing is the in-house flexibility that the company has gained. As the complexity of designs and logos continued to increase, Bioracer realised that they could not always achieve the desired result for their clients with silkscreening. Because digital printing offered both more possibilities and an interesting price for the digital setup (printer, paper, ink), Bioracer ultimately decided to switch entirely to this printing method. Cycling teams now have the opportunity to change their designs every year with ease.

Appearance in the form of colour, design and quality is one of the most important demands of a customer. In the cycling world, it’s mainly about being able to cycle your tours in style.

Bioracer not is not only the supplier of professional cycling teams in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany. The company also delivers to the amateur branch of cycling, companies that produce cycling jerseys as promotional gifts and foundations that require cycling shirts for the ascent of Mont Ventoux.

The last specific example refers to a project called Equipe Mont Ventoux, in which young people with a (light) mental and/or physical disability are encouraged to exercise more, relax their mind and focus on their personal and social development.
For six months the young people train one on one with their designated buddies for the ride of their lives. Namely, climbing Mont Ventoux by bike in France.

2018 will mark the seventh edition of this event, for which Bioracer is the permanent supplier of the cycling apparel, which changes in design every year. The day before the climb each cyclist receives their own climbing shirt including that cyclist's name. The aim is that these young people can be encouraged by name when on-lookers see that they are having a hard time.

This year Bioracer delivered personalised cycling shirts for the project. Segers strives to produce in time for the customer, without being left with large overstocks. This example of Mass Customisation is one of the exponents of digital printing. In this way Bioracer utilises the advantages of customisation in combination with the cost price of mass production.

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