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Creazioni Digitali was born on February 2006 in Como thanks to the intuition of its founder Mr. Roberto Lucini who has firmly believed in digital sublimation printing for 10 years. Strong production capacity and a strong will to innovate, led Crezioni Digitali to be a leader and first digital reality of the Como district for this type of printing. The main business of Creazioni Digitali is printing textiles for the fashion industry.

All this was possible thanks to the close collaboration with important partners: manufacturers of digital machines, dyes and paper producers such as Coldenhove. Always ours philosophy is to use high quality products to provide a qualitatively indisputable product. Therefore we’re using two different types of Coldenhove paper from the Jetcol® Original and the Jetcol® Industrial series. These types of paper from the Jetcol® family offers us a high transfer yield.

Currently the fashion market is developing itself as a market full of fast printers and the drying speed allows us to service the fashion market. Speed is not the only thing where we’re looking for. For Creazioni Digitali consistency is also key in the purchasing process of digital transfer paper. Besides fast drying and a high transfer yield, Coldenhove can bring us also the consistency we’re looking for.

In September 2012, we moved to the new location of Lurate Caccivio. 6000 square meters dedicated to the development of exclusive designs, variants and modeling.

Innovation, research and development have always been an integral part of business philosophy, which is to make no limits; The scope of digital printing techniques is growing even more and today it is possible to intervene productive and economically in areas that are unthinkable until a few years ago.

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