Customer case Inside Blinds

Since 1992 Inside Blinds, a family owned and operated company in Roeselare, Belgium, has been producing quality window blinds. An international market leader in high quality textile roman blinds, they also produce curtains, panel curtains, roller blinds and wooden blinds. Since the very beginning they have been using Coldenhove Jetcol® HTR1000 digital transfer paper.

“We have never had the need to switch to another paper provider,” explains Filip Duyvejonck, COO at Inside Blinds. “Jetcol® HTR1000 works flawlessly in our process. Even though we operate within a classic industry, textile, we continue to produce new and innovative products. Coldenhove always keeps up with our growth, by delivering the right paper for any printer/ink combination. Today, next month, next year, the quality of the product remains stable; an important aspect for a textile company like Inside Blinds.”

Reliable delivery is another major reason Inside Blinds chooses to continue using Coldenhove products. “Coldenhove is always consistent with their deliveries”, Continues Duyvejonck, “We order on-call. This means that one day after we have received a delivery of Coldenhove paper rolls, we order another batch of digital transfer paper rolls. Four weeks later that delivery arrives, ready for use. Coldenhove continues to offer us tailored roll lengths of Jetcol transfer paper, delivered on time.

In short, we see Coldenhove as a highly reliable paper supplier who continues to ensure the quality of the paper at all times.”

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