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The PrintStuff Company out of Moscow, Russia is distributor of Coldenhove. One of their customers is a manufacturer of exclusive, high-quality printed textiles for the fashion industry. The secret to our textile printing success? Coldenhove sublimation paper!

The customer of PrintStuff uses Coldenhove Jetcol® HTR3000 and Jet-X® dye sublimation papers in combination with Epson digital printers. “Coldenhove Jet-X® sublimation paper has a higher ink limit value than some of the other well-known European brands. For some printing projects, we also use Jetcol® HTR3000 paper. Then we don’t lose time changing the rolls and colour profiles when we switch over to different prints. It’s all very seamless.”

The thermal conductivity of the Coldenhove sublimation papers is one of the most important factors for the customer of PrintStuff. “Our research shows that Coldenhove’s Jet-X® 57 has significantly higher thermal conductivity than the papers of other brands weighing from 60 to 75 g/m². This allows us to work more than two times faster than with other papers.” A higher thermal conductivity of the paper means shorter contact time with the textile, which is necessary to transfer ink successfully to the fabric. Less contact time is required, meaning a lower depth of ink penetration onto the fabric. As the result, the colours on the surface of the fabric are brighter and more saturated.

Price to quality was also an important factor when choosing a dye sublimation paper supplier. “We tried using less expensive paper grades from Chinese, Turkish and European brands. And while we saved money in the short term, we booked quite a few losses due to defects. The losses we experienced ended up costing us twice as much. We decided to go back to and stay with Coldenhove after those little experiments. Coldenhove products might be more expensive, but we save time and money in the long run and end up with better quality prints the first time around.”

In today's economic situation, the demand for manufactured products often fluctuates. It can be risky to order large quantities of paper in advance. Keeping large stocks of paper might ensure the uninterrupted operation of the printing department, but it is also an expensive solution that not every company can afford. Therefore, suppliers to companies like PrintStuff keep a permanent stock of paper for their clients. “Our printing needs continue to be met by our Coldenhove supplier. This is a very valuable service, which saves us a significant amount of money each year.”

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