Customer case - Something Special Too, LLC

 Something Special Too, LLC  is a locally owned customization business that strives to add “something special” to the lives of its customers. 
The company prints specialty items such as shirts, glasses and mugs, shoes, bags, hats, jackets, towels, toys, and most recently, masks and face coverings.  Something Special Too, LLC focuses on making every customer feel special with one-of-a kind unique items that cannot be purchased in any store.

Located in Austell, Georgia USA, Something Special Too, LLC is a one-woman operation.  Owner and operator, Shamoin Parks, was motivated to start the business in 2016.  With a background in retail management and a skill for all things crafty, Ms. Parks always had a passion for being an entrepreneur. “I started my business with a Cricut machine, making Christmas scarves with customers’ initials.  I then began offering personalized scarves and bags.”  The business continued expanding from that point, now offering items decorated with vinyl, sublimation and inkjet and using professional plot cutters and heat presses.

Since 2016, the focus for the business has expanded from specialty to promotional. “It was always my dream to be a resource to the community, and one day perhaps provide jobs”, said Ms. Parks.  The company’s core customers are schools, dance studios, community organizations, churches, local government groups, and small businesses.  “I try to help businesses understand the importance of brand marketing.  Small businesses should always be marketing themselves by displaying their company logos wherever possible.  I help bring this awareness to other small business owners like myself.”  Ms. Parks understands that maintaining low operating expenses by working from home is a benefit to her customers.  “I work with a lot of schools and school employees.  Schools typically have small promotional budgets and I am able to provide great products and services without exceeding their budgets. This is very important to me.”

Coldenhove’s Jet Pro® Soft Stretch and Jet Opaque® II papers are the products of choice for Something Special Too, LLC for many of their products.  “Because of Coldenhove’s great distribution network, I can easily buy Coldenhove papers from several local distributors with fast delivery times.  The paper is easy to print, cut, and the colors are very vibrant.  Most of my business leans towards dark garments, so I use a lot of Jet Opaque® II paper.  Other competitor papers have been unreliable in how they print.  The colors are dull, and the prints have a rougher texture.  I can also use Jet Opaque® II for photographs.  Customers love the colors and the feel of their shirts when I use this product.  Since I work alone, the reliability of the heat transfer paper I use is very important and I have found that consistency with Coldenhove papers.”