Customer case

Official dealer of Coldenhove Heatcol® and Jetcol® DHS

Transferpersshop is a real family business, active for more than 30 years. Today it’s led by father and son team, Hans and Lars Lenselink.

Based in, Ruurlo, the Netherlands, the company has experienced continuous growth over the last years. They have successfully managed to create a platform to assist textile printers who operate mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The business concept of is to offer a full-service package, starting with guidance for the equipment and continuing with outstanding customer support.
They have printers, transfer presses, transfer paper, cutters and much more. Not stopping there, they offer specialised customer support that goes way beyond after purchase to include trainings, workshops and valuable tips to ensure the customer’s success.

Demo room where customers learn about Heatcol® and Jetcol® DHS.

Their fully equipped facility includes a Demo room and knowledgeable technical experts. At their TPS Academy, they organise trainings and welcome both beginning and experienced customers from various walks of life, such as: textile printers, advertising agencies, sign companies, sports clubs, clothing brands, artists and start-ups.

Lars: “If you have just started to print on textiles yourself, we recommend that you first do your research before you choose which techniques and products you’ll use. By choosing the right techniques and products, you can work with confidence, and this really makes your first projects a lot easier.”

Memorable service and quality products are at the top of the list for

Coldenhove’s papers are easy to print and cut, the colours are vibrant, and images have a good photography yield. For us, customer experience and instructions are an important value, and with Coldenhove’s products we manage to convey the ‘easy to use’ message”.

Coldenhove’s Jet Pro® Soft StretchLaser One Opaque® , Image Clip® Laser Light and Dark, and Jetcol® DHS are the products of choice for

“We can offer our customers a high-quality printing choice for both light and dark garments. We share the same values and attention for the customers’ needs as Coldenhove, and we can say we have found a good partnership with them and their papers.”