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The photo exhibition Goudkoorts (Gold Fever) can be admired until the end of 2017 in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. During the exhibition, visitors can see photographs taken of Dutch gold medal winners of the Olympic Games and World and European football championships, along with the sports attributes of the medallists. 

Elis Ligtlee is also one of the gold medallists who viewers can see at the exhibition. One of the premier Dutch cyclists, Ellis grew up in Eerbeek – also home to Coldenhove. In support of their ‘home team’, Coldenhove has added a photograph of Ellis next to the photo of her 2016 Olympic gold medal.

Photographers Monique Velzeboer and John Koning are the creators behind the photo series. Wilcovak has finished this photo series beautifully through sublimation on ChromaLuxe®, using sublimation paper from Coldenhove. Wilcovak: “We are always on the lookout for the best quality.”


Wilcovak has been leading the high-quality preservation of photographic footage for 37 years. Artists, galleries and museums who work with photos and photography use Wilcovak's expertise to immortalise their art. “Our target group is made up of professionals who put high demands on the quality of their photo prints. That is why we always keep a sharp eye out for suppliers that can deliver the best quality,” said Erik Stoffers, CEO of Wilcovak.

Photo art on aluminium

One of the latest techniques in photo and art processing is ChromaLuxe®. In this process a photo is sublimed on aluminium. The ink is applied through the sublimation paper onto the coated top layer of aluminium or MDF. This takes place at an elevated temperature and under high pressure. The result is clear, crisp images on printed materials. A technique that works well for the Gold Fever photo exhibition. “Sublimation is the best technique for presenting the gold tints so naturally. In addition, the images can also be exhibited outdoors.”

Coldenhove and Gold Fever

Wilcovak chose Coldenhove for this photo exhibition because of the high quality of Coldenhove’s Jetcol® sublimation paper. “The sharpness of the images and the depth of the colours really popped with the newly developed Jetcol® DHS.”

Jetcol® DHS is a product that is currently being optimised and will be available in Q4 of 2018. Contact us for the latest developments. 

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