Intern Supply Chain

'The work I’m doing currently is aligned with the core of my education. That’s interesting.'

I am a fourth-year college student of Logistics & Economics at the HAN University in Arnhem. During my education, I have been able to learn a lot about both the theoretical and practical sides of inventory management. I can now apply this knowledge during my internship at Neenah Coldenhove. I work in Neenah Coldenhove’s Supply Chain department, and concern myself mainly with improving delivery reliability.

The organisation suits me quite well. The short lines within the company make it possible to collect basic information surrounding my research. The beauty is that Neenah Coldenhove lets the urgency reflect the task.

I’m looking forward to graduating, and Neenah Coldenhove supports me in this. You're not just an intern here, you’re recognised as an employee in the organisation. This internship is a good balance between work and study.

Would I recommend Neenah Coldenhove to others? I already have!