Intern Innovation & Development

'Thanks to my time at Neenah Coldenhove, I know that Chemical Technology quite suits me!'

I’m a fourth-year college student of Chemical Engineering at Saxion, Enschede. Through my college, I ended up at Neenah Coldenhove.

I get a lot of freedom within Neenah Coldenhove whilst I execute my research. I can now put many aspects that I learned during my study to use in the Neenah Coldenhove laboratory. As a student, you’re taken seriously within the organisation, which is great.

After my last internship, within a different company, I began to doubt whether Chemical Technology was really my area. My placement at Neenah Coldenhove has turned that thought around 180 degrees, and I have found that chemical technology quite suits me!

An additional advantage is the housing option. I live about an hour’s drive from Neenah Coldenhove, but I am now able to live in a Neenah Coldenhove company house that is just a few minutes walking from my front door. To me, this is a real advantage.