All-round Machine Specialist

‘If you are a person with ambition, you can go far in Neenah Coldenhove.’

I came to Neenah Coldenhove in 2003 through an employment agency, and started as the second wrapper. I became a Neenah Coldenhove employee in 2004. By following various internal and external courses, I have worked my way up to All-round Machine Specialist. If you are a person with the ambition to grow, there are a lot of possibilities within Neenah Coldenhove. Currently, I am in a three-year training programme, working towards my VAPRO B diploma so I can develop myself.
The beauty of my current job is the diversity. In my position, you never know what the day might bring and what malfunctions you will face. But the goal is always the same. Keep everything in order technically, so that we can produce a good quality paper together.