MTD Maintenance/Malfunction Mechanic

‘Technology is changing continuously; remaining alert is important.’

An immediate job after my training

I encountered Neenah Coldenhove over two years ago, through an internship assignment. Shortly after I graduated with a diploma in AOT MBO lev. 4 (General Operational Technology), this modern paper mill offered me a job; MTO Maintenance/Malfunction Mechanic. Technology plays a huge role at Neenah Coldenhove, and my work is very diverse. As the day begins, I never know what kind of malfunctions I might expect. That makes the work interesting. In addition to my work, I am following a two-year personal training programme, where I am training to become an independent mechanic. It is crucial to keep learning, especially since the technology keeps changing. It is great that Neenah Coldenhove supports me in my endeavours.