How do I get rid of the "white box" around my image?

When using some heat transfer papers, inkjet papers which are not self-weeding, the entire sheet will transfer, leaving a 'white box' around your image, creating an unsightly, visible outline. To achieve a 'border-free' transfer, you can do one of the following:

  • Some papers, especially the light fabric transfer papers such as Jet Pro® Soft Stretch and Techni-Print® EZP, have very light backgrounds and the effect of the transfer's border can be reduced with trimming by hand with a pair of scissors and a lot of patience. It is, however, a time-consuming process that can be tedious and often imperfect.
  • Another common method of removing the background/white border from around the image is using a vinyl cutter to trim around the outer edge of the printed image so that the excess can be weeded away much like heat transfer vinyl. This requires a vinyl cutter that has an optical eye as well as design software capable of setting up and printing registration marks with the image.
  • You can switch to laser heat transfer printing. Most laser transfers on the market transfer ONLY your image, such as Image Clip® for light fabrics, as well as Image Clip® for Dark Fabrics and Image Clip® for Koncert T’s. This method does have its limitations, however, as these types of border-free transfers are not great for transferring photographs or images with gradients or very light colors unless you have a white toner printer. Make sure that your laser printer doesn't run too hot or cold as the proper fusing temperatures are required for thicker media.