How do I get started with heat transfer paper?

Heat transfer papers allow you to create your own customer clothing, bags, mousepads, and many other fabric items without the expense and labor of your average screen-printing set-up! They are also very useful when a customer needs only a few of these items imprinted and other printing methods do not allow for this to be done cost effectively. Simply design your image, print it onto one of our quality transfer papers and transfer it onto your garment using heat. It's just that easy!

Equipment/Items needed:

• Inkjet or laser printer

  • Artwork or photograph

  • Heat transfer papers

  • Heat press (for best results)

With some papers, you can use a conventional home/hand iron to press heat transfer papers. However, for the softest and longest-lasting results, we highly recommend the use of a heat press.

• Garment or other fabric items to imprint

Generally speaking, polyester and cotton blends are the most likely compatible fabric blends with heat transfer papers and vinyl products.

• Vinyl cutter (recommended) for non-self-weeding papers, such as inkjet papers.

Some heat transfer papers transfer an entire sheet unless they are trimmed down - ie, leaving the dreaded "white box" around your images - for the highest consistency and detail of quality, as well as speed in trimming away excess transfers from your design, a vinyl cutter is often a recommended accessory tool in a t-shirt print shop.