See with your own eyes what Coldenhove can do for you and your business.


Coldenhove has a global footprint with operations in more than 60 countries, including both emerging and mature markets. In these markets the technical, economic and competitive differences are significant. However, the various grades have one thing in common: they are developed in close co-operation with the customer and the end user. See with your own eyes what Coldenhove can do for you and your business.

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The fashion market focuses mainly on women’s clothing for the well-known international fashion brands. “Fast-fashion” is a quick-growing part of digital sublimation paper printing, where production is done exclusively on demand.

Home furnishing

One of the fastest-growing markets today, home furnishing utilises a lot of digital dye sublimation paper printing. Think about end applications like pillows, blankets and curtains. Remarkable about this market is that order quantity can go as low as one piece or up to thousands of pieces, with wildly varying printing widths.


Sportswear has always been the traditional market for digital dye sublimation paper printing. Even when we introduced Coldenhove sublimation paper in 1998. Today, Coldenhove digital sublimation paper is the optimal solution for printing on sportswear.


The high-quality market of signage defines itself by vibrant colours and extremely detailed, mostly large format prints. Next to visual communication in retail shops and boutiques, the signage market also includes textile partition walls, flags and exhibition backdrops. To name a few.

Hard Substrates

This market can be divided in the market for personalized consumables like mugs, tiles, phone covers and a separate market for industrial applications like aluminium Chromalux panels.