Brigitte Kock

Hi I’m Brigitte, studying Industrial Design at the Technical University of Eindhoven. I’m really interested in what motivates people. What drives them? And especially what makes a person feel fulfilled? I think that self-knowledge, for example about character and habits, gives people confidence to conquer everyday situations. As a designer I would like to hand users a tool to gain self-knowledge and thus empower the individual.

Most people live in their own small bubble. I believe that conversations between people of different cultural backgrounds lead to mutual understanding and as a result connecting and growing these bubbles. For me those different perspectives give inspiration in life as well as in design. As a designer I think that deep understanding of the users perspective is crucial to create tailored solutions.

Ever since I was young I’ve had a fascination for fabrics and its endless variations of properties. The ability to create something valuable, unique and fitted for just one individual, something that makes the person feel proud of themselves, I find that brilliant. As a designer I want to create tailored designs that gain the user’s attachment over time.

I believe that designs tailored to the user’s perspective help them further in gaining (self-)knowledge, which then can lead to a change in habits and finally to a stronger individual.


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