The sportswear industry demands optimal colours and sharp contours.

When paper meets sportswear

Sportswear is the traditional market for digital dye sublimation paper printing. When we introduced Neenah Coldenhove sublimation paper in 1998, the main application was sportswear.

Even today, digital sublimation paper printing is the optimal solution for sportswear. With bright colours and sharp contours, digital sublimation paper printing is perfect for the personalisation of sports garments.

The improvement of textiles with the introduction of mixed fibres contributes to this ever-growing market. At Neenah Coldenhove we will continue to meet your demands as a sportswear printer, with high-quality, dedicated paper grades.

When paper runs with Sportswear:
applications in Sportswear

Customer case Texops

We were really interested to look into the best supplier around the world, our choice depends on a wide range of factors such as quality, reliability and service. The importance of these different factors help us to develop our strategies. We decided Neenah Coldenhove as the best option. Alle these years they have made a great job giving us support on developing different improvements in paper rolls. We work with them because they supply the best paper for dye sublimation. They offer products or services that match - or exceed - the needs of our business.

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Customer case Virat

When Virat Sports Wear LLP needed a reliable solution for the textile printing of their sports garments, Neenah Coldenhove was quick to respond with Jetcol® digital transfer papers. The high-speed drying time, crisp detail printing and outstanding production consistency won over the partners at Virat Sports Wear on the spot.

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