At Neenah Coldenhove we provide paper solutions for digital printing, seal and peel applications and barrier products. We produce all our papers in The Netherlands, from beginning to end, which allows us to control the entire production process and guarantee you the best quality possible.


Neenah Coldenhove’s product portfolio ranges from traditional high quality paper grades to hygienic medical papers, and includes high-tech digital sublimation transfer printing paper for textile and hard substrates printing.

Six of our 120 employees are exclusively dedicated to working on innovation and developments for our future product portfolio. At Neenah Coldenhove we invest in research and development for our new paper applications, and aspire to play a leading role in each of our chosen industries. Our success is a result of the solid collaboaration with our customers and equipment manufacturers. 


The standard throughout the dye sublimation industry
Why settle for less if you can have Jetcol® dye sublimation paper? Combine a wide range of specialised paper grades, dedicated to every possible end application, with one of the lowest running costs in your production environment.

  • Consistent quality guaranteed
  • Available in rolls up to 3.2m in width


An industry leader in heat transfer papers

Neenah Coldenhove has been an industry leader in the creation, development and improvement of digital transfer products since our first patent was granted in 1980.

  • Excellent quality with good color reproduction.
  • Durable art and messages that will withstand many wash cycles.


High barrier coated laminates for environmentally-friendly packaging.

Terra offers a range of high barrier coated laminates that are equipped with excellent barrier properties against water, moisture and grease. On top of this, Terra lowers the impact on climate change with 40% compared to PE coated packaging. With grammages varying from 50 to 72 gsm, we are able to supply in different market segments.


A revolutionary transfer paper for natural fibres. 

Our newly developed digital transfer paper allows you to print on a wide range of natural fibre textiles, using a waterless process. Say goodbye to complex pre- or posttreatments of textiles, and reduce your cost and carbon footprint while you’re at it.


An additional filter layer for protection without sacrificing comfort.

Facecol® is a semisynthetic, nonwoven material made out of a combination of paper and high quality polyester. It allows air to pass through with extreme ease (high air permeability) while blocking the majority of moisture and germs (efficiency).


Sterile barrier paper for sterilisation packaging solutions

Medicol® is a sterilisation packaging solution for the medical device and pouch manufacturing industry. At Neenah Coldenhove we have developed two quality categories for this industry.

  • Short seal times whilst retaining high seal strengths
  • Maximised air permeability and optimal microbial barrier


A range of innovative unprinted decor papers

Digicol® is designed specially to meet the growing digital printing demand. Using Digicol helps you transition smoothly to digital printing. It has all the associated benefits, yet still accommodates the specific needs of the laminate manufacturing process.

  • Excellent printing quality
  • No dusting


Our traditional sublimation transfer paper

Screencol is our sublimation transfer paper that allows you to print on flat screen printing machines with water-based inks. This technology is the precursor for the digital printing industry.

  • Consistent quality guaranteed
  • Excellent runnability

Packaging Specialties

White kraftliners with built-in sustainable functionality for high demanding packaging challenges.

Neenah Coldenhove manufactures virgin fibre MG papers with highly sophistacated coating layers for demanding packaging opportunities.

  • Dedicated Development Team
  • Small batches possible


At Neenah Coldenhove we manufacture two types of Manila boards in a few bright, clear colours. Sturdy boards that are perfect for the production of covers, tabs, folders and other stationery.

  • Superior strength
  • Excellent printability


Dye-sublimation transfer printing makes up almost half of the digital textile printing industry. But what is the key to creating a quality print?