Heat Transfer

Meet the industry leader in heat transfer papers.

An industry leader in heat transfer papers

Coldenhove has been an industry leader in the creation, development and improvement of digital transfer products since our first patent was granted in 1980.

Decorating products with Coldenhove Digital Transfer papers will ensure:

  • Excellent quality with good color reproduction.
  • Durable art and messages that will withstand many wash cycles.
  • Hand and aesthetics that rival screen printing.
  • Ability to print on a wide range of substrates including; cotton, cotton blends, synthetics, denim, leather, mugs, tiles, hats, wood, acrylics and glass substrates among others.
  • Low cost of entry.

Listen to our montly Heat Transfer Podcast -Print, Press, Profits

In this podcast, we will explore the world of desktop Heat Transfer, including equipment, consumables, technique, and how you can create a sustainable garment decoration business right from home.
Our guests will come from all sides of the desktop Heat Transfer business to help you gather critical insights about your tools, techniques, and, most importantly, how and where to sell your products. 

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Our Heat Transfer products


Laser Heat Transfer Papers

Coldenhove’s Laser Digital Transfer Paper makes it possible to create and sell personalized products including t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, canvas and leather using your black and color toner printers.

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