Why settle for less when you can have Jetcol® dye sublimation paper? Combine a wide range of specialised paper grades, dedicated to every possible end application, with one of the lowest running costs in your production environment.

The standard throughout the dye sublimation industry

Since we introduced it in 1998, Jetcol® has been regarded as the benchmark for the digital dye sublimation industry. Jetcol® is a coated sublimation paper with an extremely high transfer yield – up to 97%.

Jetcol® offers a range of unique properties such as the possibility to print a wide and bright colour range, fine detail printing and, most importantly, consistent quality. It’s this quality that allows you to achieve the same results with every print job, bringing more predictability into your production.

We invented digital dye sublimation printing paper here at Coldenhove, and our Jetcol® paper was granted a patent in 1998.


Jetcol® The Original, Industrial and Special

Jetcol® The Original
Our Coldenhove Jetcol® “The Original” dye sublimation paper assortment can be characterised by its diversity. In paper thickness, roll widths, its ability to handle ink quantities without cockling…Still, one characteristic remains a constant: high quality.

Jetcol® Industrial
The industrialization of the dye sublimation market led to the introduction of high speed industrial plotters and single pass printers with Kyocera heads and matching sublimation inks. It resulted into new technological demands for sublimation papers. In answer to these needs, a tailor made assortment has been developed. In close cooperation with leading printer- and ink producers in the market, we developed the Jetcol® Industrial sublimation papers. The Jetcol® Industrial papers are dedicated to high speed production and higher glycol inks. With more meters on a roll, you will be able to generate a perfect quality, at lowest cost of use. 

Jetcol® Special
The Coldenhove “Specials” have been developed to take on the challenges that all printers sometimes face. Our “Specials” can help in numerous ways, for example:

  • if you are looking for a faster drying paper;
  • if you want the textile and paper to stick during the sublimation process;
  • if you are sublimating on a very closely knitted/stretchy textile which may cause some issues; and
  • if you sublimate on rigid materials or you have to use a lot of ink to reach the required colours. 
Benefits for your company
  • High transfer yield
  • Available in printer rolls of up to 3.2m in width
  • Diverse product range


Our Jetcol® products

Jetcol® HTR1000

Jetcol® The Original

Jetcol® HTR1000 is the lightest paper grade in the Jetcol Original family. This paper is designed for the faster plotters with water-based sublimation inks often used by the fashion industry.

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Jetcol® HTR4000

Jetcol® The Original

Jetcol® HTR4000 is the best paper in the world from a stability and runnability standpoint. Jetcol® HTR4000 paper is a 140 gsm, laminated paper that will stay flat under any print condition and ink quantity.

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Jetcol® Industrial

Jet-X® is a 57 gsm paper which is developed for the regular water based sublimation inks as well as the sublimation inks with higher glycol content. Due to its base paper structure and unique coating Jet-X® will give you optimal colours and a perfect runnability on printer and calender.

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Jetcol® TA

Jetcol® Special

Jetcol® TA (Thermal Adhesive) is a specially coated grade which ensures that the paper sticks to the textile during the sublimation process during the sublimation process, but without leaving a sticky residue on the textile.

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Xtreme® Light

Jetcol® Industrial

Xtreme® light is a low weight paper designed for the fast industrial printers producing fashion with lower ink coverages. Due to the lower weight this paper is especially suitable for printing companies that deliver their printed paper all over the world by air transportation.

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Jetcol® Industrial

Xtreme® is designed for the higher glycol inks (a.o. used by Kyocera print heads). This paper can be used not only for the industrial fashion printers but also for home furnishing, signage and sportswear. The Xtreme® paper is a 66 gsm paper.

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