This micro barrier paper with an excellent mechanical resistance and fibre-free peel performance is dedicated to hospital packaging applications and re-usable medical devices.

A sterile barrier paper for sterilisation packaging solutions

Medicol® is a sterilisation packaging solution for the medical device and pouch manufacturing industry.

Our medical papers meet the strict environmental and quality requirements of the medical and hygiene industries. Our paper pulp is produced from 100% virgin, recyclable pulp and is produced in FSC quality.   

Medicol® packaging solution is approved in accordance to the required EN and ISO standards for sterilisation under Steam, ETO, Formaldehyde and Gamma Irradiation.

Benefits for your business:
  • Maximised air permeability and optimal microbarrier paper
  • Clean and fiber- free peel performance
  • Short seal times whilst retaining high seal strengths


Our Medicol® products

Medicol® ETO

Medicol ETO was developed to be used as a packaging material for the single use medical devices. ETO stands for ethylene oxide (also known as EO or ETO) processing is widely used for the sterilization of healthcare devices and instruments.

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