Boards that are perfect for producing office materials.

At Coldenhove we manufacture two types of Manila boards in a few bright, clear colours. Sturdy boards that are perfect for the production of covers, tabs, folders and other stationery. We also manufacture traditional paper envelopes in the colours white and cream. Our products help your customers to brighten up their desks at work and at home, sort their archives and store their valuable documents safely and durably.

Benefits for your business
  • Superior strength
  • Excellent printability
  • Boards comply with the strictest


Our Office Products


We manufacture traditional envelope paper in the colours white and cream. Colkraft is a traditional craft paper in white and cream. Colkraft impresses because of its pureness and strength. The paper has all the important characteristics which an end-user requires: a superior strength, a high whiteness and opacity, an excellent printability. Colkraft protects the contents of the envelope, especially against damage or tampering. Thanks to its unprecedented strength, the paper is especially suited for large and/or gusseted envelopes in which heavy or bulky documents are sent to their destination.


Two brilliant colours available (white and creme), a beautifully glossy surface, combined with all the best characteristics of Coldenhove Manila boards, made from 100% cellulose. Let your ideas grow with Supercol! High bulk and stiffness sets Supercol apart from other manila boards. Consequently, a lower grammage can often be used, offering a distinct yield advantage over competitors' products.

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