A new sustainable solution for the blister packaging industry.


Neenah Coldenhove proudly presents a new sustainable solution for the blister packaging industry: Blisterpaper. This patent pending, innovative and renewable lidding paper has been developed for food and pharmaceutical products that are packaged in a push-through blisterpack. 

By replacing the aluminium foil with Blisterpaper, we make it possible for you to choose a sustainable lidding paper. A solution that can help to drastically reduce CO2 emissions and your environmental impact. 

Benefits for your business
  • Renewable and sustainable
  • Direct printing without primer
  • High barrier
  • Top seal ability
Technical details

The below illustration shows the structural composition of Blisterpaper. Blisterpaper provides a unique barrier and binding layer that seals to (mono) PVC, PETg, PE, PP and other available blister films.

 Technical Details


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