A great opportunity to connect: join us for an interactive week at WTiN Innovate Virtual Trade Show!

It’s wonderful that live exhibitions are starting up again. However, we believe that digital initiatives will continue to be important, useful tools in maintaining the connection with both customers and the market. In keeping us all updated as to the latest developments and trends.

Therefore, it gives us great pleasure to invite you to our next digital event: WTiN Innovate Virtual Trade Show. Five days of knowledge sharing, meetings, seminars and inspiration.

From 25 to 29 October, you can find us live at our Neenah Coldenhove digital booth.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover more about our latest product development, chat with our team members or follow one of our live daily sessions.
Registration for this event is free. Grab your chance to connect with us from any location in the world.
Looking forward to seeing you there!