Myths vs. Reality - Sustainable use of Paper and Board

Wednesday 29th July - 15:30 CET / 9:30 EDT / 8:30 CDT


Do you need to worry about the environment by using our paper? What can we learn from the past of Coldenhove as we are preparing for tomorrow? What did the local paper industry of Eerbeek initiate to extend their license to operate in the last 65 years? In 1955, 5 local papermills of Eerbeek joined forces with the University of Wageningen to harvest wood fibers from the water used in the papermaking process to enrich local farming soil. Today IWE is one of the most innovative water effluent plants in the world of which the 3 papermills in Eerbeek are its’ owners. In this webinar we like to inspire you -our stakeholders- to join us in this ongoing quest for new circular harvesting opportunities for profit in our joint supply chain from Tree to T.


15:30 CET / 9:30 EDT / 8:30 CDT