Medicol® Steam Plus

Medicol® Steam Plus: a new generation kraft paper for proven reliability and new market possibilities.


We are happy to announce the launch of a new medical packaging paper for steam autoclave sterilization: Medicol® Steam Plus. “Today, after much time, dedication and, most importantly, positive feedback from all our customers and partners, we are happy to inform you that Medicol® Steam Plus has been officially launched.”

Our Medicol® kraft paper line
Medicol® is our line of direct seal kraft papers, suitable for sterilization packaging solutions for the medical instruments, with a main focus on steam sterilisation in autoclave. All our Medicol® papers have been surface treated to enhance the seal strength and clean peel. Medicol kraft papers are made of virgin cellulose fibres and have outstanding strength properties and optimal air permeability.

Medicol® Steam Plus
To meet market demands, Coldenhove has developed a new product within the Medicol® line: Medicol® Steam Plus. The added value of this product is a wider sealing window and improved seal strength of up to 20% depending on the film applied.

In addition to that, the improved sealing properties and performance of Medicol® Steam Plus make it suitable for segments in the market requiring higher technical paper properties, opening in this way new business possibilities.

As of today we intend to replace the Medicol® Steam line with the new product, this means that there will only be one quality available: Medicol® Steam Plus in both 60 and 68 g/m2. 

For more information or further inquiries, please contact our dedicated sales representative Hans van Helvoort