Coldenhove, Klieverik and Mimaki embrace the pigment r-evolution with Texcol® Pigment Transfer Paper.

Las Vegas, October 2022 – At Printing United 2022, industry leaders in digital printing, Coldenhove, Klieverik and Mimaki,have come together to bring the revolutionary pigment transfer printing technology of Texcol® to life, through an on-site demo program. This collaboration is the realisation of the three leaders’ common values and their innovative direction towards products which match evolving customer demands and sustainable production.

Coldenhove booth #C10431
“These last few years have revealed that not only evolution is necessary, but also that the right product and partners remain the keys to success. Texcol® is a pioneering technology which allows users to transfer with a one-step waterless process onto a wide range of natural textiles. Additionally, Texcol® pigment transfer paper delivers bright and sharp details with a relevant ink saving. It’s time to discover how today’s unique digital printing technologies can open up new and endless possibilities!”

Klieverik booth #C8318
“We see this new development by Coldenhove as the perfect extension for our sublimation customers who want to start printing on natural fibre textiles. Texcol® pairs nicely with a machine like the Vertex, an entry-level machine capable of roll-to-roll printing. The VERTEX is a typical Klieverik machine; a robust design offering a long-life solution at low operating costs.”

Mimaki booth #C8123
“At Mimaki Engineering, the pursuit of the vision ‘something new, something different’ is also linked to sustainable practices. The development of our printing technologies has always been driven by our care for our customers’ needs. In the present environment, the path to being more environmentally friendly has led us to this collaboration with Coldenhove to assure the printing success of the new Texcol® technology. We aim to offer our users the tools to achieve new ways of printing on textiles with the least impact possible and the best results.”

Come see the innovative pigment transfer printing at work during Printing United 2022 from October 19th to the 21st at the Las Vegas Convention Centre. We look forward to meeting you and to exploring fresh ideas, effective solutions and collaborative partnerships for business growth.