Coldenhove to launch a new sticky paper: Jetcol® TA Light Tack

Eerbeek, the Netherlands, 4 August 2021 Coldenhove continues its innovation journey with the addition of a new sticky paper to its portfolio. Jetcol® TA Light Tack is a paper especially designed for users who prefer a lower tack level. What is more, Jetcol® TA Light Tack comes with improved drying capabilities and an excellent transfer yield, making this paper perfectly suitable for the high ink load designs commonly used in the sportswear market.  

The technology behind sticky papers 

The Jetcol® TA family line is equipped with a special coating, which sticks to the fabric during image transfer. This special feature reduces the chances of ghosting, without any risk of leaving residue on the textile. The characteristics of sticky papers are perfectly aligned with the required properties of high-quality sportswear, such as stretch ability and colour brilliance, in each and every application. Precisely why Coldenhove has developed a family of sticky sublimation papers with various grammages and different tack levels for printing on sportswear.  

An ideal solution 

As this product development has proven successful, Coldenhove has continued in its efforts to meet this special market demand. Depending on the production setup, Coldenhove can assist customers in choosing the right adhesive strength to achieve an optimal result during every print job. Jetcol® TA Light Tack is a 105 gsm sublimation paper with a lower level of adhesiveness compared to the standard two Jetcol® TA grades. 

About Coldenhove

Founded in 1661, Coldenhove serves customers globally, and is known for its innovative paper solutions which include the invention of the dye sublimation paper category. With their continuous focus on the development of new paper applications, Coldenhove remains a leader in the digital transfer paper industry. 

For more information or further inquiries, Coldenhove’s worldwide team is ready to assist (future) customers in their success. www.coldenhove.com